"Without a doubt, the impeccable and sublime work of my friends at Fotoleo is reflected in their pieces of art. All loaded with personality, beauty and passion! It is impossible not to fall in love and love them all."

Ana María Caroli

"Que cosa más linda!. Gracias queridos por permitirme tener en mi casa lo que tengo tatuado en el alma y en el corazón."

Maite Delgado

About Us

Orlando Fernández J.

Creative Director

Our approach allow us to create professional photographic art that has been enhanced with digital oil painting techniques which add a wide variety of movements, colors, and textures to all types of images. Each masterpiece is printed on a high quality canvas utilizing UltraChrome HDR inks providing smooth tonal transitions, superior color and clarity, and a wider tonal range. The Fine Art pieces we produce have a higher-level of durability lasting over 75 years without showing any signs of deterioration or color fading.